In Loving Memory

Barbara Weathers was the best mother, mentor, confidant, teacher, business partner and friend. My sister and I grew up in a warm, loving home, surrounded by dogs. A kind and caring person with an exuberant personality, mother loved everyone, and they loved her right back. She felt and taught us to feel a deep love for "man's best friend," from the smallest to the largest. As she grew older, her love for these precious creatures grew with her.

Our house was always full of dogs. It was mother's great passion. In the late 60's, she brought home Angel, her first poodle puppy. I was just a little girl, yet I remember her learning to groom that silver toy poodle and then raising and grooming others, from teacups to standards. Tiny puppies filled our home and our hearts. My mom opened her first dog grooming shop in our backyard. Everyday after school, I watched and worked along side her, bathing and drying dogs, polishing toenails and learning. She taught me what it means to be the best groomer. It was more of an art than a job for mother as she took pride in her amazing hand scissoring skills and every aspect of grooming each precious pup. A perfectionist with high standards, she turned out stunning work. She was an artist, the best dog gone groomer! I know how blessed I am to have had that opportunity to watch someone so talented, to have her teach me and leave this legacy. I would have to say that one of God's greatest gifts to me was to be able to know my mom, to love her and work with her as long as I did. I am carrying on the tradition--being the best dog gone groomer! Thanks be to God!

Continuing the tradition

I am blessed to have had the opportunity to watch someone so talented, to have her teach me and leave this legacy ...Continuing the Tradition! 

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